What is Hawaiian Jewelry?

Hawaiian Jewelry is one of the most popular types of jewelry on the market.

Hawaiian Jewelry History

JKW LLC is a wholesale jewelry business where any jewelry and gift shop owners can get the most unique pieces available in the market.

Hawaiian Rings

Are you already the owner of a jewelry store or a gift shop and need a reliable wholesale jewelry dealer?.

Hawaiian Earrings

We have a lot of experience in producing Hawaiian Jewelry especially Hawaiian earrings that are durable and beautiful.

Hawaiian Wholesale Necklace

We have a lot of experience in producing Hawaiian Jewelry whose raw materials were sourced directly from the Island.

Wholesale Hawaiian Jewelry

JKW LLC is a wholesale jewelry business where any jewelry and gift shop owners can get the most unique pieces available in the market. read more

Buy Wholesale Rings

Buying wholesale jewelry is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your jewelry business since buying in wholesale gives the best price for more goods and so the profit will be reasonable. read more

Wholesale Hair Accessories

We have a large list of hair accessories for your store. Visit our website and see the wholesale jewelry offer we have for you in the hair accessory category. read more

Wholesale Earrings

Our online wholesale jewelry shop JKWLLC has a whole range of earrings. We have two categories that we offer to our wholesale jewelry buyers. read more

Wholesale Bracelets

JKWLLC is the best online supplier of wholesale Hawaiian jewelry and we provide you with the best and most unique jewelry pieces in the market. The jewelry is from the island of Hawaii and so they have that Hawaiian heritage presented in them. read more


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