Hawaiian Earrings

The best store owners are not the business entrepreneur that do things on their own. They are the people who have an excellent and creative business partner. For you to enjoy your Hawaiian jewelry business, you need to choose a superb partner for yourself. You need a supplier that can help you create the ideal business you want with a high level of support. Jkwllc.com is the supplier that you need. We, being the best Hawaiian wholesale jewelry dealer, will provide you with the best set of jewelry at a very cheap rate. In fact, we will also provide you with the best customer support that you could ever imagine. With our in-house pieces of advice and information, you will find a great wholesale jewelry partner for your business. You will also have a lot of success stories to tell if you choose to work with us.

We have a lot of experience in producing Hawaiian Jewelry especially Hawaiian earrings that are durable and beautiful. We produce these earrings making use of raw materials sourced directly from Hawaiian Island. Our artisans are so creative that they produce the best and unique wholesale earrings that will attract your customer’s attention. Our communication skill is impeccable as we have a friendly and professional customer support. We will also guide you in making a choice based on what your customer will like.

You do not need to be scared if you are going into a Hawaiian Earring business, we have answers to all your questions. Instead of stressing yourself as to getting earrings for sale, we will provide you with a lot of Hawaiian Earrings in different designs and styles. Some of our Hawaiian earrings that your customers might like are as follows:

Coconut shell earrings:

The Hawaiian considers a coconut shell as an already conquered difficulty. Most Hawaiians also consider it as a symbol of success and victory. Coconut shell in the history of Hawaii is often given to an individual to wish him success over some problems or difficulties. Moreover, they believe that the shell is God’s sent and the sacredness must be well kept. The production of Coconut Shell Earring rests on the philosophy that the shell is divine and serves as a symbol of victory.

Coral and Turquoise Earrings

Coral is made from the skeletal remains of a small sea creature called Coral Polyps. It is exquisite and known for its coloring and organic origin. Many people considered it to be a gemstone because of its rock-like hardness and vibrant color. It comes in many shades which include deep red, orange, white and pink. The most common color that is often used in coral jewelry is red. This color gives it the nickname – red gold. People believe that coral has healing powers and could help increase wearer’s lifespan. It is also always given out to wish one long life.

Opal Earring

Opal is very famous among people in the Middle Ages. It is considered to be a stone of great luck. It was believed to possess all the virtue of each gemstone whose color reflect on the Opal. It is also considered to confer on the wearer power of invisibility. It is also considered to be the birthstone of the people that are born in October. It is a symbol of clarity and purity.

Tahitian Pearl

Tahitian pearl is also known as black pearl as a result of its color. It is an organic gem which is formed from the black lip oyster. Practically, the pearls come as white and black. Sometimes, it could contain an undertone or overtone of blue, silver, pink, green or blue. However, the dark Tahitian pearl is the most valuable being the fact the naturally dark-toned Tahitian pearl is unique. Tahitian pearl will add to your dressing uniqueness and classic look. The versatility and mixture of the color will give you a valuable look.

Buffalo Bone Dangle

Buffalo bone dangle is made from the Buffalo bone. Buffalo is considered to be a courageous animal as well as a persistent animal by the Hawaiian. A lot of people respect the buffalo especially the adults. They consider it to be a divine animal that is meant to connect them with their ancestors. A gift of Buffalo Bone Dangle is a gift of courage. It is a gift of a wish for the recipient to be courageous in whatever s/he does.

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