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Going into a Hawaiian Jewelry business can be an incredible experience as well as a bitter experience depending on the partner you choose. A good partner will make you enjoy the best of your business. The partner will put you through whenever you have any issue. They will also provide you with the best customer service that you could ever have imagined. With Jkwllc, you will have an excellent experience of profits and success in your business. This experience of success is because we are the best in Wholesale Hawaiian Jewelry business.

We have a lot of experience in producing Hawaiian Jewelry whose raw materials were sourced directly from the Island. The creativity of our artisans makes it very easy to have different beautiful jewelry out here. Also, we are good at providing a fast and highly reliable service to our clients like you. You will also enjoy our friendly and professional customer support. It will indeed be an excellent experience for you to work with us as we are the right partner for you. With our highly talented personnel and a wide range of jewelry, you will enjoy our service.

Dealing in the necklace business is a fortune and a very straightforward part to success. However, dealing with us for your necklaces will be a straighter path for you. We offer the best necklaces at the best price you can get them on the market. Some of our Hawaiian necklaces are:

1.              Shark Tooth Necklace: In Hawaii, sharks are not just the mere ferocious ocean predator to the Hawaiians in history. It is also a god that is worshiped by some Hawaiians years back. These set of people often protected sharks and cared a lot for them at that period. Till today, many still reference the shark as a great God. In the history, bravery, confidence, and true leadership qualities are attached to the shark. The connection of the human spirit with the spirit of the shark is also a reason for the creation of this necklace. The necklace bears a symbol of confidence and leadership qualities. This necklace always has different forms of cord. These cords include a metal tube cord, genuine leather cord, turquoise plastic cord among others.

2.              Puka Shell Necklace: In Hawaii, people give this necklace out to wish the receiver good luck. The Hawaiians believe that finding a puka shell is good luck and as a result of this, such should be given to those they wish good luck. Puka shell on its own is found in Hawaii and could be easily recognized due to the naturally occurring hole in each of them. Normally, when worn, uniqueness is often attached to the wearer. It is also believed that such individual will be luckier.

3.              Cowrie shell necklace: Cowrie shell in the history of Hawaii is considered to be a very special shell. In fact, the people consider it to be a divine gift from their God. To them, the usage of this will give them a divine connection with their God and the Archangel. The people also believe in the healing powers of the shell as it considers to be able to help in healing. A cowrie shell necklace could be considered as the Hawaiian Healing Necklace.

4.              The White Bone Fish Hook: There is a deep connection and understanding that the Hawaiians have with the sea. Fish hook was used by the Ancient Hawaiian to find food. At this period, the people create fishhooks out of different material which includes: wood, coral, bones or stone. Nowadays, fish hook necklace is sold to represent anything good i.e. strength, good luck, prosperity among others. It is made of whitish bone.

5.              Whitish Bone Turtle Pendant: Turtles in the culture of the Hawaiian is a symbol of good luck and endurance. The fact that turtles are one of the oldest creatures on earth makes them a symbol of long life. Apart from this, turtles are excellent in navigating their ways home. This necklace made from turtle bone could be given out as a gift for long life. It could also be given out as a gift for good luck and endurance. It is also designed to add elegance to your dressing.

6.              Fresh Water Pearls: Pearls on its own symbolizes purity and innocence. A lot of preference is always given to it being the oldest gem known to humanity and the people of Hawaii. A lot of preference is always given to it. A person that is rewarded a pearl necklace receives a gift because of his innocence. This necklace will make you classic in your dressing. It is good for office work and a very classic individual.

We are the best wholesale necklace dealer that you can ever meet. We also have many other beautiful necklaces in our store. To order for our jewelry or necklaces for your business, you are free to contact us on jkwllc.com. Your satisfaction is our happiness.

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