Hawaiian Jewelry History

Hawaiian Island, the origin of Hawaiian Jewelry has existed long before the Hawaiian jewelry spread around the world like a wildfire. Based on the history, the populace of the Hawaiian island migrated from Marquesas to Hawaiian Island in the 4th/5th century. However, on their way, just like other ancient people, they adorned themselves with items found. These people consider These items as their jewelry. The Hawaiian do not consider themselves as some people who could be prominent in the world as a result of jewelry. They only picked items which they later consider to be Island Jewelry.

The Kings and Queens of the Island used this Island Jewelry as their adornment. As time goes on, these Kings and Queens started romancing England till a cordial relationship was created. Notably, a beautiful bracelet was given to Princess Liliuokalani in 1880 through her Father, King Kalakauna, by Queen Victoria. This bracelet was engraved with a black enameled lettering which got the little princess infatuated. She wore the ring every day till she left the world.

It seemed the gift did not only win the princess’ heart but won the Hawaiian citizens’ hearts. The Hawaiian Jeweler thus fashioned their jewelry after this bracelet having considered its market strength. Thus, the Hawaiian Jewelry was started and formed. Soon, the Hawaiian jewelry became the Island Jewelry. Both the Kings, Queens, Princesses, and Princes, as well as other Hawaiian citizens, found the Hawaiian Jewelry very appealing. Till today, the Hawaiian residents still wore the jewelry. In fact, the Hawaiian became a symbol of Hawaiian Jewelry.

As time goes on, different styles started emerging. The enameled lettering started taking on different colors ranging from pink, red to blue. Even some enameled lettering was set in gold. The style also began changing based on the period.

Hawaiian Jewelry in general consists of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. The natives of Hawaii often adorn many of their jewelry with many flowers like Plumeria, Lei Aloha, and Jasmine among others. Also, the natives decorate the jewelry with their native animals like dolphins, sea turtles, shark, starfish among others.

However, this Hawaiian Jewelry should not be confused with Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry. Heirloom jewelry is an example of the early 19th century England which has become an alluring part in the history of the Hawaiian. Heirloom is passed from one generation to another. Overall, Hawaiian Jewelry is known for its beauty, splendor, and grace. It is often a tradition that your name will be engraved in an enamel just like the bracelet.

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