Wholesale Bracelets

JKWLLC is the best online supplier of wholesale Hawaiian jewelry and we provide you with the best and most unique jewelry pieces in the market. The jewelry is from the island of Hawaii and so they have that Hawaiian heritage presented in them. You can buy wholesale jewelry from our website, where you will find the best products for the most reasonable price. Our jewels are made from materials sourced out from the island.

Our bracelets will give your clients an edge over the rest and will keep them coming for more. Considering the fact that you are buying them at the best price it means you will get the desired profit from dealing with our products and since they are high-quality most likely the bracelets will fly off the shelf at a faster rate.

We have thirty different types of bracelets in our wholesale jewelry shop and the choice will be yours depending on your customers’ needs and preferences. We can provide a hip look or a more elegant look for you. When you visit our website you will find a list of available jewelry for you to buy. Our bracelets are made out of different materials which are mixed to give unique products.

We have bracelets made out of Fresh Water Pearls. They are sophisticated and elegant and can go with any outfit. We also have the bracelets made out of Mother of Pearl, this too represents sophistication and elegance. They are among our best sellers. When you buy wholesale jewelry, this two should be at the top of the list for you as a retailer.

We also have Sea Shell Bracelets,4-ID Bracelets, Kuikui Nut Bracelets, Faux Net Bracelets, Coconut ID Bracelet,1-Semi Stone Wrap Bracelet,2-Semi Stone Bead Bracelet,3-Semi Precious Stone Bracelet, Druzy Stone Bracelet, Raffia Bracelet, Wrap Bracelet, Crystal Bracelet, Wood Memory Bracelet, Fimo Flower Bracelet, Shamballa Bracelet, Pandora Bracelet-Charm, Magnetic Bracelet, Turquoise Bracelet, Coral Bracelets, Leather Bracelets, Stainless Steel Koa Wood Bracelets, Sea Bead Bracelets, Shark Teeth Bracelets, Natural Coco Bracelet, Natural Sea Shell, Bangles, Fashion Bracelets, Jade Bracelets, Tungsten Bracelets, Cable Bracelets, Multi Bracelets. This is our very special range of bracelets and when you buy our wholesale jewelry, bracelet category, you can get a minimum of six units per purchase.

We have other bracelets made out of Black and white Faux Turtle material. They are fun elegant and adventurous. This is crafted to give out the best designs you can get out there.

Our wholesale jewelry, bracelet range, caters for everybody in the market from the young to the old, from the hip to the classy. We have jewelry that is fun and colorful for the young and adventurous and for those who would love to make a statement and we also have jewelry that is soft, elegant and sophisticated and can cater for the mature in the market. We have jewelry for the older generation that is less daring but bolder and for the younger generation that is more into discovery. We have bracelets that could pass for office wear and look elegant.

From our website, you will notice that our bracelets are made mostly from natural materials and so they carry with them that fresh look that you can never get anywhere else in the wholesale jewelry market. They are of high quality and timeless and if taken care of well can last a lifetime. Therefore visit our online store and interact with us for advice on getting the best price for the best product in the market and buy our wholesale jewelry and you will never regret your decision about investing in our products.

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