Wholesale Earrings

Our online shop JKWLLC has a whole range of earrings. We have two categories that we offer to our wholesale jewelry buyers. When you buy wholesale jewelry from us, the earrings category, you will get a mix of different styles which is good for business and will draw in different types of customers for you. Our pricing is among the best in the market for you and will ensure that you make a good profit.

We have two categories in our earrings range, the Earrings in style and Earrings in 925 silver as you will see when you visit our website at http://jkwllc.com.

In the first category we have the water pearls earrings, shell pearl, mother of pearl shell, mother of pearl flower ,inlay earrings, flower with pearl earrings, bali combo & abalone, bean earrings, earrings, coconut shell earrings, buffalo bone earrings, gage earrings, wood earrings, coral/turquoise earrings, fimo, faux earrings, stone, hematite, acrylic earrings and other types of earrings.

Within the second category of our beautiful earrings, we have the water pearl earrings, Tahitian pearl earrings, abalone shell earrings, coral earrings, turquoise, nautilus earrings, and crystal earrings, mother of pearl earrings, shell pearl earrings, opal ones and other types of earrings from our collection.

In the first category, we have the more fun and colorful earrings that will best fit the younger generation and the most adventurous group of customers. We also have the simpler but sophisticated and elegant ones that are best suited for career women and a more serious woman. For example, the freshwater pearl earring and the shell pearl earring are good within the office and more so formal events like office dinners while earrings like MOP Bean, Coconut Shell, coral, and turquoise are more colorful and fun for an adventurous woman who likes to make a statement and is daring. When you buy wholesale jewelry, the earring category, you can get a minimum of six pieces per purchase.

With the second category of earrings we give you a minimum purchase of twelve units but it depends on the type too. This is the category where you get the soft, elegant and classy collection. This category offers you the high-end wholesale jewelry in the market. We have earrings that are simple, not so bright but will stand out and we also have the bright but sophisticated line that will be good for a very formal look.

As a jewelry dealer, you would want to give your customers the best in the market and JKLLLC is the best so far out of Hawaii. Our products are of high quality and are made of mostly natural materials that are sourced out from within the island itself. The ocean, land, and plants are what create this magnificent pieces with the help of our creative team who craft them to catch the eyes of everyone who sees them.

Our wholesale jewelry online shop ensures that you get the best products at the best price within the shortest time possible. Online payment is easy and we promise never to disappoint anytime you decide to buy wholesale jewelry from us. We have the most professional customer service personnel who are always available to serve you with anything you might require as our customer and will ensure that your interaction with us is most pleasant.

Get in touch with us so we can assist you in providing the best products to your customers and you won’t get disappointed. An earring is what defines a woman’s face, it gives a woman a different look that is very flattering and also demonstrates a woman’s character so can be a valuable purchase.

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