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Buying wholesale jewelry is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your jewelry business since buying in wholesale gives the best price for more goods and so the profit will be reasonable. If you are a jewelry dealer or thinking of starting a jewelry shop then visit our website and get the most quality products for your shop. We'll introduce you to the ways of trading in jewelry and make you see sense in why you need to buy wholesale jewelry and not just single pieces.

JKWLLC provides you with unique jewelry from the island of Hawaii and all our jewelry are mostly made from a natural material which is sourced from the island itself. The materials give our jewelry a fresh look that can only come from Mother Nature.

We have a wide collection of rings that can be used as wedding bands, promise rings, for accessorizing and for many other desired purposes. They are in different colors and forms and each of them is different and unique. They are created to give beautiful pieces that would be desirable to any type of person out there.

In our ring collection so far, we have the Fresh Water Pearl ring pieces. This is mostly used for accessorizing and are simple but fun and show your adventurous side. We have the White Buffalo Bone Ring, this looks fresh and elegant yet make a statement when worn. We have the Black Buffalo Bone Ring which is the black equivalent of the White Buffalo Bone Ring, they are beautifully crafted with unique symbols. The Flower rings are more fun and have that weekend look and come in different colors. The Shell Rings are gorgeous and can be worn in the office or outside as accessories, they have unique patterns and give a very sophisticated look. The Shell Pearl Rings could be used as accessories or wedding bands, they are simple sophisticated and different from the ordinary which is perfect for unique individuals. The MOP Shell Rings are more fun and have that weekend look too. The Druzy Stone Rings are a unique and look expensive so they indicate class. We have the crystal Ring, the Spin Ring, Stainless Ring, Tungsten Ring and the Titanium Ring, this is best used as wedding bands and look very sophisticated and unique. The 925 Silver Opal Ring is colorful and fun but sophisticated while the Faux Shell Ring is made in unique shapes and designs.

When you buy wholesale jewelry from us the minimum we permit is six but for some designs, we only permit a minimum of twelve pieces. This Wholesale jewelry purchase will enable you to start a very successful business in jewelry trade or will enable you to expand your already existing business into a more successful and profitable one. Since we have very high-quality goods, investing in us will be a sure way of ensuring you make enough profit.

Visit our website and start a successful relationship with us, we have qualified professionals who are well informed about the jewelry business and will ensure that you get the best advice. Our products are very affordable and of high quality. They are rich in culture and represent the place where they arise from which is the most important thing in this business. Our products are for a large market and so will give you a wide customer base from the younger generation who are fun and adventurous to the mid age who are mostly working class so the need to accessorize in an appropriate way and to the older generation who are looking for something new.

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