Wholesale Hawaiian Jewelry

JKW LLC is a wholesale jewelry business where any jewelry and gift shop owners can get the most unique pieces available in the market. These pieces have that Hawaiian flair that represents their origin which makes them even more interesting to the buyer. We provide you our retailer with a wide range of products, in wholesale at the best price possible. Our products are made out of different materials which are sourced from the island; some of these materials are shark teeth, silver, seashells, kuikui nuts, cable wire cords, mother of pearl among other which you can get to see when you visit our website. We sell in wholesale from 2 units going up depending on your purchase.

When you visit our website, you will see a list of the products we offer in wholesale. We have necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, hair accessories, ring collection, gifts and souvenir among others. JKL LLC will ensure you get the best pieces which are of high quality and uniquely made which will give you an edge over everyone else in the market.

When considering our necklace collection, we have pieces that have been made with different materials from silver, leather, abalone, copper, pearl, ivory, buffalo bone, cable wires, wood among others. These different materials have been uniquely mixed and handcrafted to give out the best and most intriguing designs. Among our necklace collection we have the Koa wood necklace, Island surf pewter,40mm Black Mother Pearl Turtle Pendant with a brown adjustable cord and White Bone Fish Hook with a Brown adjustable Cord, this are just a few of our pieces but you can get more when you visit our website.

We also provide our retailers with unique bracelet pieces that are of high quality. Most of our pieces are made out of the same materials as the necklace but we have other pieces with materials like faux turtle shell, natural cocoa, coral, druzy stone, and coconut shells among others. Some of the pieces available are the Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet, Seashell bracelet, Faux Shell bracelet,2 Semi Stone Bead bracelet, Druzy Stone Bracelet among others.

We also have a wide range of earing for you, simple while elegant. We have the Fresh Water Pearl Earrings, Shell Pearl Earrings, 18K Inlay Earrings, Abalone Shell Earrings, Bone Gage Earrings, Fimo Earrings, Opal Earrings, Tahitian Peral Earrings, Nautilus Earrings among many others. Some of these are only made with the 925 Silver.

We also have a wide range of pendants in silver for you, this include the 925 Silver Murano 55mm Glass Pendant, 925 Silver Murano Fish Glass Pendant,925 Silver Murano 60mm Glass Pendant, Mother Pearl Pendant, Coral Pendant, Abalone Shell Pendant. In the ring collection, which goes really well with any of our other pieces we have the Buffalo Bone Ring, Shell Pearl Ring, Druzy Stone Ring, Crystal Ring, Tungsten Ring, Spin Ring, Titanium Ring, Faux Shell Ring among others. Our Hair collection has that flowery vibe that comes with the Hawaiian nature; we have the 25mm Red Fimo Flower Hair Clip, the 75 mm White with Red Sigle Form Plumeria Flower among others. Our hair clips come in different sizes and shapes.

We have the gift and souvenir which are uniquely made with different thoughts and detailing. These pieces can be gifted to loved ones like children, parents, lovers and others. They are of high quality so can last for a very long time if taken care of properly. We have Sea Shells, Stone carvings, Glass Figuring, Magnets, Key Chains, Book Marks among many other items. We also have displays in form of trays, boxes, neck displays, wood jewelry displays, ring displays among others, this are there just to make it easy for you to showcase your items to your customers with ease.

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